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In Loving Memory of Stacey Devine

In 2016, A tragedy happened .

Emonie Allen was raised down south and moved back to her hometown after she graduated High School. She attended college to pursue her career in the healthcare setting. She always had a passion for helping others. One day as she was at a patients house, she looked on her social media and the first thing that appeared was "WOMAN IN LATE 30'S EARLY 40'S FOUND IN DITCH". She knew that was a sign and had a strong feeling it was her mother and eventually found out it was. As time went on she desperately tried to find ways to connect with her mother, so she turned to spirituality introduced by a close family member. Emonie was soon able to communicate with her mother as her spiritual gifts developed. She then figured out her life purpose was to be of service and bring enlightenment to others especially women, with the continuous help of her mother Stacey Devine.

If you know someone that needs help due to Domestic Violence, please call the hotline number :

1(800)799-7233 (SAFE)

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